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Beginners Videography Meetup

Beginners Videography Meetup

Saturday the 29th of January
Fletcher Moss Park - 10am - 2 hours
This meetup will provide the opportunity to budding amatuer and beginner photographes to try their hand at videograohy. The session will revolve around 'creating a promotional video for the park'. The meetup will be split into three parts. The first part will go over some basics of videography, such as how to set your camera up to take high quality videos, how to plan and compose a video and how to create engaging and eye-cating shots. The second part will be all hands on, with walking around the park and capturing footage from different areas, as the instructor guides you through different styles and techniques. The third and final part will be sitting down and reviewing the footage, assessing what worked and what didn't, as well as the instructor suggesting different easy to use applications to edit your footage together.
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£18pp     11 places left - requires 3 bookings to proceed
Studio Photography Class

Studio Photography Class

Sunday the 30th of January
Studio 5 Photography Studio - 10am - 2 hours
This class will introduce you to everything to encompasses shooting photography in a studio setting. In this class we will goover multipe types of photography conducted in a studio, such as portraiture, food photography and product photography. The instuctor will guide the class through each style and provide pointers and technical advance to get the most out of this session. Participants will also be taught how to set up studio lighting and adjust it for different styles, such as creating silhouettes and other dramatic lighting effects.
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£36pp     9 places left
Chinese New Year Celebrations Photography Meetup

Chinese New Year Celebrations Photography Meetup

Sunday the 6th of February
Chinatown - 11am - 2 hours
This will be an event photographty meetup focused on capturing the magic of Chinese New Years! The instructor will first sit down and provide tips and technical techniques to capturing event photography effectively with great results. There will be multiple attractions to capture with your camera, including traditional lion dances, Chinese acrobatics, singing, poem reading and Kungfu. Chinatown is also filled with traditional architecture, providing another focal point to capture wth your camera.
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£18pp     11 places left - requires 3 bookings to proceed
Come along to our photo sessions to dust off your camera and get snap-happy with a professional photography instructor.

Brush up on your camera skills and learn new photography techniques whilst on a photo walk class with other local keen photographers!

We run two hour photography sessions based on a photography theme/technique/style and they take place in various locations around Stockport.

New to photography? We also run a popular 3 hour Beginners Guide to Photography Class once a month. And once in a while we will run special niche 3 hour classes, for example, Astrophotography - so do subscribe to our newsletter to know when the next on is!

Who can attend? Open to all skill levels, from beginners to keen amateurs. The photography instructor is there to help you with camera settings and provide any advice you need.

What to bring? We recommend bringing a camera that has full manual mode or semi-manual modes (Aperture or Shutter Priority). Compact cameras and smartphones also welcome!

The meeting point and full details for the day are sent in the booking confirmation email to the email address you provide at time of booking.

Join the Stockport Photography Facebook Group here to share your photos after the session.

Our classes and photography sessions are limited to a max of 5 students - due to current COVID restrictions

We ask that everyone attending a meetup follows social distancing guidelines:

Stay home if you're sick.
Keep 2 metres away from others.
Don't make unnecessary physical contact with others. Avoid physical greetings, such as handshakes, hugs and kisses.
Wash your hands regularly with alcohol-based sanitiser.
Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze. Use a flexed elbow or a tissue.

The event was insightful and interactive. It was challenging enough to enjoy it and be able to learn.
Stefano Dalcanale
November 30th 2021
Morgan Busow
Morgan Busow is a multimedia creative raised in Manchester, England. Their love for being behind the lens is inspired by travelling a lot at a young age and discovering all the wonders the world had to offer. Recently they graduated from DeMontfort University in Leicester with a First Class degree in Photography and Video, where they debuted their award winning short film 'Bl**k'. Other recent works include directing and producing multiple music vides for international clients and photographing a monthly queer cabaret night.